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Miracle Fruit Plant - Small (2 plants)

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Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) plants are slow growing evergreen shrubs, native to tropical Africa, which reach approximately 5 ft in height after 3-4 years. These plants are approximately 6 months old and 2-3" in height. 

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Miracle Fruit does best in filtered sunlight (partial shade). It makes an excellent potted plant and does very well next to a sunny window. The plant can be moved outdoors during the summer months, but take care to avoid temperatures below 50 degrees. Miracle Fruit also does best in humid conditions, so avoid dry-air conditions when possible. A clear plastic bag placed over the plant can help maintain a suitable humidity level if the ambient humidity is low. 

Growing Instructions: 

Acid soil is a must for miracle fruit. A pH of around 5.0 is ideal. This can be achieved by planting in equal parts Canadian acid peat and pine bark. Also 50:50 mix of peat moss and perlite are said to give excellent result. This combination will create an acidic environment with good drainage. Allow the roots of the plant to fill the container before transplanting into a larger one. 

Be sure that the soil is well draining as the plants do not like to sit in wet soils. Do not over-water the plant; the surface soil should be dry to the touch before watering again. 

Use a water soluble fertilizer such as Miracid and follow the product directions. Use sparingly with slightly greater frequency during the summer months.